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Community description:A community for the series Sukisho!
-in progress-

Sukisho! follows the character Sora Hashiba, who is trying to deal with all the strange happenings since his roommate, Sunao Fujimori, appeared. Sora lost his memories due to a fall from a window, and soon after he was released from the hospital, he gained a new roommate, who claimed to be his childhood friend.

Eventually, Sora learns that he and Sunao both have split personalities, Yoru and Ran. This, along with the antics of his other childhood friend, Matsuri Honjou and others at the school, gives us an interesting, comedic storyline.

Sukisho! is an anime, game, manga, with a few light novels, drama CDS, a radio series, and more.

☆ As this is a boys love series, no bashing nor homophobic remarks (jokes are fine, but please don't take it to an offensive level)
☆ Please keep all large images/fanfiction/spoilers under a cut
☆ Respect all opinions of other members
☆ Feel free to debate about things, but if it gets too heated, the mods will have to intervene
☆ Introductory posts are allowed and welcome for those who are looking to make friends with similar interests, just please keep the post somewhat on topic
☆ Have fun!
The mods are all knowing and all powerful.
They are:

Sora - [personal profile] yoru
- AIM: Sorahashiba14

You can contact them by sending a message, or catching them on their public AIM SNs, which is rare.

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akira ishida, anime, boys love, comedy, hikaru midorikawa, manga, matsuri, ran, seishin academy, shonen-ai, soichirou hoshi, sora, sora hashiba, sukisho, sunao, sunao fujimori, toshizou, yoru
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